Welcome to Docks N Seawalls

Thank you for visiting our website. We are proud to show you our craftsmanship in the many docks, boathouses and seawalls we have built. We pride ourselves in planning and designing docks that are customized to meet your needs.

We work with homeowners who live on waterfront property to enjoy an active water sports lifestyle. Other clientele selected their waterfront property for the tranquility of the vistas. We are not a large construction company that also builds docks. Nor do we sell your project to a sub-contractor.

When you want a builder, with a personal touch, that you can trust. An owner that is on your job site nearly every day. Professionals that will design and build your project correctly. Count on Docks N Seawalls for construction completed on budget, on-time, and cleanly.
To create lakefront and outdoor places that are fun, well planned and well built. Places that add value to your property while preserving the environment.

Contact us when:

You need a brand new dock on your lot
You would like your dock restored
You need modifications made to your dock
When you need wave revetment/erosion control
When you want a gazebo, pergola, or decking
When you just want some ideas from an expert on upgrading your outdoor, lakefront living space

Estimates and consultations are always free of charge

See our services page to get more ideas. Our experienced teams, are ready to build your individualized outdoor project. Every dock we build is unique; we don't re-use plans from prior jobs.

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Client Testimonials:

"I received bids from 4 contractors for a new dock and boat house. DNS was the only company that listened to what I really wanted. They offered a solution unique to my needs. The other 3 all showed me their standard plans to see which fit best (none really fit well). DNS successfully navigated difficult permitting issues and then delivered a dock and boat house that is the best on the lake. I was very impressed to see the owner of the company on site nearly every day during the construction"

– Edward Caloryd